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If you are looking to organise a conference that will stand out from the crowd, then speak to Dine about our range of venues.

One thing you can do to make a conference more appealing is to choose an unusual venue - somewhere people may be intrigued to visit in it's own right. We operate Day Delegate rates at most of our venues and can cater for anything from a private meeting for two over lunch to over 500 in the fantastic Victoria Hall. We'll remain flexible and design the event around your needs - in the past we've included banquets in the evening, team building exercises, BBQ's and elaborate cocktail parties. Dine have the range of expertise and services you need to make your event a success.

You can order a buffet for your next conference online by visiting Dine Hospitality.

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It's now Monday morning after our very successful event on Saturday evening and the whole office is still on a high.

We have also now lost count of the number of people that have complemented the incredible high standard of food, service, venue decor and the overall event presentation at The Mansion.

Without a doubt the whole event was an outstanding success because of the quality that you and the team delivered to us from day one.

You made the whole event planning process so seamless and your attention to detail was second to none.

Corporate Dinner at The Mansion